Turbine Mini Eoliche ad asse orizzontale

nature becomes power
best technologies
best return on investment
respect for the environment
minimum noise

becomes power


The Aentula HR15 series consists of small wind blades on horizontal axis with radial flux permanent magnet syncronous generator. The system is self activated with absolutely no energy withdrawal, active or reactive, from the grid.

Automatic Stall System Winglet Active Yaw control Tilt-Up system Direct coupling Brakes Variable pitch

best return
on investment

The Aentula mini eolic is a balanced project between the benefits that can be achieved in the production of renewable electricity and the physical characteristics of the individual components used to obtain them, which determin the cost of a small wind turbine.

respect for
the environment

Aentula small wind farms are designed and manufactured to obtain directly or indirectly the best possible mitigation of environmental impacts, even with measures which in Italy are not yet mandatory in the small wind power field.


Some technologies used in the small wind turbine Aentula HR15 series as well as ensuring reliability and efficiency have further positive results in terms of low noise impact of the wind turbines on the environment.